10 Bodybuilders’ food To Develop A Cute Athletic Physique


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Bodybuilders’ food, if gotten right, will speed up your effort to achieve a cute athletic body.

Working on your muscle to achieve a cute body isn’t all about hitting the gym alone.

What you eat goes a long way to determining how your effort will eventually turn out.

Many people seeking amazing body muscles put a lot of attention on physical exercises and weightlifting. They completely neglect the impact that food has on their success.

In this article, I will share 10 well-researched bodybuilders’ food that you must add to your diet if you want to achieve toned athletic muscle.

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Bulk muscle mass vs Lean muscle

bodybuilders' food

You may have heard your gym buddies use these words at different times. They are two words that people misunderstand when it comes to muscle building. 

A person trying to achieve lean muscle wants to have a more athletic kind of body rather than wanting to have large muscles.

On the other hand, achieving a bulk muscle mass means you want to have huge, well-developed muscles.

To be more descriptive, bulk muscle mass will give you the “Bouncer” kind-of appearance rather than you looking more toned and athletic fit. 

Needless to say, the kind of muscle exercises and activities you will place yourself under will not be the same for the two kinds of muscle.

If you desire to achieve lean muscle, you will have to focus on regular exercises and eating the right amount of calories from appropriate bodybuilders’ foods.  

10 bodybuilders’ food to add to your diet

1. Soybean

bodybuilders' food

Scientific evidence supports the fact that soybean protein promotes muscle development(Source).

Numerous studies have shown how effective soy protein is at promoting fat reduction while maintaining muscle mass and supporting increases in lean body composition.

Soybean is a rich source of vitamin K, iron, and phosphorus.

Iron is particularly essential as it is the mineral responsible for transporting oxygen across the muscle tissues, and a deficiency will be fatal for muscle health.

2. Eggs

bodybuilders' food

Eggs are not popular for no reason. It is commonly referred to as a “superfood” by dieticians. 

This is because the egg is packed with essential protein, healthy fats, vitamin B, and choline, many of which are lacking in several modern foods. (Source)

You also need vitamin B in eggs for energy production among other benefits.

3. Beans

bodybuilders' food

Most varieties of beans, when cooked contain a large amount of protein which makes beans a great member of the body builders food variety.

Furthermore, beans are an excellent source of vitamin B and fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.

What’s more? Research has also confirmed beans play a role in disease prevention and maintenance of long-term health. (Source)

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4. Milk/yogurt

bodybuilders' food

In addition to being high in calcium, milk also has more than ten other vital minerals that support overall wellness. (Source)

In addition, milk contains fast and slow digestive proteins which are beneficial for muscle growth. 

This is thought to make milk an ideal bodybuilders’ food.

5. Brown rice

bodybuilders' food

This is whole grain rice that has only the inedible outer husk removed, unlike its white rice counterpart that has been completely polished. 

Brown rice has the carbohydrate you need to fuel your physical exercises. (Source)

You can eat brown rice before going for rigorous physical exercise which may allow you to exercise harder.

This provides the necessary stimulus to enable your muscles to grow stronger.

Additionally, some studies have revealed that when combined with a weight training regimen, supplements containing rice protein can result in muscular gains comparable to those produced by whey protein. (Source)

6. Fruit and Vegetables

body builders food

We have established the need for getting enough protein when trying to build our muscles and strength. 

Fruit and vegetables are essential when it comes to accessing adequate nutrients to achieve muscle strength.

 Vegetables such as jute(ewedu), spinach, mushroom, and pepper are particularly good sources of nutrients for bodybuilders.

7 Sweet potatoes

If you are looking for a bodybuilder’s food, then be conscious of the tubers called sweet potatoes.

7. Sweet potatoes

body builders food

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and carbs(4grams per serving). This vibrant tuber has a low glycemic index (meaning they burn gradually, giving you a sustained source of energy that enables you to power through your activity and replenish your muscle glycogen stores afterward)(Source

It helps you prevent overeating, which is great if you are trying not to amass too much fat to achieve your muscle strength goal.

8. Shrimp

body builders food

Shrimps are primarily composed of water and protein.

Averagely, 100grams of cooked shrimp contains 24grams of protein, 0.2 grams of carbs, and other vitamins and minerals.

Including shrimp in your diet is an easy way to gain protein for growing muscle without consuming too many extra calories.

9. Poultry (Chicken and turkey breast)

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Due to its low-fat content and high protein content, the chicken breast is one of the bird’s more nutritious parts.

Chicken and turkey breast contain protein and are without any fat and carbs.

Niacin and B6 are abundant in poultry breasts as well, these vitamins help to process carbs and fat in the body. 

This may be especially crucial if you are a physically active person as it helps gain muscle over time muscle (Source)

10. Fish

bodybuilders' food

When shopping for the right kind of fish that are perfect as body builders food, we are specific about tilapia, tuna, and salmon.

Tuna and salmon have an abundant supply of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are claimed to support muscle health. (Source)

Also, these fish are packed with vitamin A and several kinds of B vitamins.

These vitamins and minerals are necessary for optimum health, vitality, and athletic performance. (Sources 1 2)

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ConclusionBodybuilders food

Many people who want to build athletic or bulky muscles pay lots of attention to physical exercises and neglect the right choice of body builders food to achieve their muscle-building goal.

This article is a product of deep research about easily accessible foods that are healthy for muscle health. When combined with the right exercise, will ensure your health and make your muscle-building dreams a reality.


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