Here Are The Benefit of Cloves Sexually That You Must Know


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The benefit of cloves sexually

The Benefit of cloves sexually for males and females are well-documented facts.

Clove is very prominent among medicinal plants that have been used for ages to cure infections and restore health.

In this article, I will be focusing attention on the benefit of cloves sexually for females and males. 

If you want improved sexual performance, this might be one of the best pieces of information you would have come across.

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What are cloves?

benefit of cloves sexually

Cloves(Syzygium aromaticum) is the dried flower of the clove tree.

The clove tree is found in different parts of the world and is abundant in Nigeria and several other parts of Africa.

In Nigeria where I’m used to, cloves are known by other local names. It is called kanafuru among the Yorubas, kanumfari among Hausas, and kloovu or Nchari among Igbos. 

Meanwhile, it’s generally referred to as zobo pepper.

Cloves are prominently used in either their dried flower form or ground into powder. Nowadays, cloves powder is available in stores and supermarkets. It is a very popular spice.

We will discuss the various ways how to use cloves sexually to enjoy the benefit of cloves sexually as males and females.

But first, let’s know how cloves help restore our sexual relationships and romance.

Benefits of cloves sexually

benefit of cloves sexually

Cloves for premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem where men ejaculate much more quicker than normal.

Important minerals that improve blood flow and nerve stimulation around the genitals have been isolated from cloves.

Drink cloves tea regularly to enjoy its sexual health benefits

Also, clove oil, an extract of cloves when rubbed on the penis in recommended diluted amount help reduce sensation during sex.

These actions will correct the problem of premature ejaculation among men during sex. This will lead to a better relationships among couples.

Cloves for erectile dysfunction

When the testosterone level in men drops for various reasons, one of the fatal results is erectile dysfunction. This condition leads to men losing sexual pleasure, libido, and a lack of erection.

Clove is rich in manganese. Manganese is a powerful testosterone booster according to research.

Take cloves tea consistently if you are a male and this alone could solve your erectile dysfunction issue.

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Cloves and sexually transmitted diseases

People who have multiple sex partners are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases.

Do you have a history of STDs, or do you want your body to be able to resist the microorganisms that cause STIs? Then clove is one herb you may always want to take. 

According to research, extracts from clove oil contain active ingredients that possess an anti-inflammatory effect on these microorganisms. 

Though the research also pointed out that only a few studies have focused on its exact use.

Cloves and sperm count boost

A low concentration of cloves, taken as tea or oil mixed with honey can improve the health of the epididymis. Healthy epididymis plays a vital role in the development of spermatozoa.

Research also shows that cloves boost sperm count and motility, and overall male fertility. It does this by improving the functional physiology of a male’s seminal vesicles.

Cloves enhance general sexual health

Scientific evidence proves cloves increase sexual desire in males and females. This improves human overall sexual health. 

Many studies have proven this time and time again. 

Clove’s health potential is also recognized in Ayurveda(Indian native medicine), and Unani medicine(holistic medicine of Asians). Also, the clove is a household name in ancient African herbal practices. 

It’s been used to treat sexual issues in males for a long time. Hardly will you find any alternative therapy that doesn’t have cloves as a major element.

Cloves and oral health

I believe that the mouth is also an organ of sex and you can imagine the impact of bad breath or mouth odor on kissing.

Chewing 2 cloves buds can resolve mouth odor and give you fresher breath.

Clove oil helps control oral inflammations, relieve gum pain, and improve gum health.

A ball of cotton wool soaked in cloves oil can be placed on the area of pain. 

Apart from chewing dried cloves, cloves water(tea) can also be used to gaggle the mouth, apart from drinking.

Fertility benefits of cloves sexually for women

Fertility benefits of cloves sexually for women have been largely reported.

While infertility is a problem that occurs among males and females alike, the women usually bear the wrath of the pain much more. 

The antioxidant property of cloves helps to improve females’ fertility and increase their chances of pregnancy.

Apart from the fertility benefits of cloves sexually, cloves also help women to boost ovulation, restore menstruation, glow the skin, cure dryness, and boost libido in women.

For the best result, take a cup of cloves tea daily. 

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How to prepare clove 

We need to know the various ways to prepare cloves. This will help us explain how to use cloves sexually even better.

Note: If you don’t have access to the cloves tree, fresh cloves can be found on supermarket shelves. But always make sure that you check the expiry dates so you can get the freshest possible clove buds.

1. Chewing raw

Cloves can be chewed raw. Usually, 1-3 cloves will be enough at a time. This is because cloves contain very powerful minerals, specifically eugenol. 

Eugenol allergy to cloves has been reported among some people.

2. Powdered spice

Many people only know cloves as a spice. Cloves are known for their strong aromatic(scent) properties. Therefore, cloves powder can be added to food as a spice.

3. Cloves water (Cloves tea)

To prepare cloves of tea, boil 2 cups of clean water. When water boils, add a handful of cloves into the boiling water and allow to seamer for a few minutes. Some people do add powdered cloves to this solution, though not compulsory. Mix using a spoon and then filter this solution to get your clear drink. 

For better taste, you can add a quantity of natural honey to it.

4. Clove oil

The property of cloves targeted in clove oil is its eugenol.

There are different ways to prepare clove oil, each method depends on the level of eugenol concentration you desire in your clove oil. But I will share here one easy and good method.

Clove oil should only be ingested when mixed with honey.

Measure 2 teaspoons full of whole cloves and pound into powder. You can also use powdered cloves which will require no pounding.

Pour your ground cloves into a bottle, preferably a dark bottle. Add any of these carrier oils into the powder in the bottle till the whole powder is submerged; Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil are all good options

Using the double boiler method, pour some water into a pot and boil. Once boiling, place your bottle containing the clove powder and oil into the boiling water. Allow it to continue boiling for another 10 minutes.

Remove the bottle from the boiling water and allow it to cool. Then, depending on what you plan to use the oil for, you can use a filter to strain the oil-clove mixture from the bottle to get your clear oil. 

For more concentrated oil, you can allow the clove to stay in the oil for more days. Store your clove oil in the bottle.

This oil can stay for up to 4 months before it begins to lose its potency.

When rubbing on the skin directly such as the top of the penis, always prepare your clove oil in lower concentration and stop immediately if there are skin reactions.

Precautions when using cloves

1. Always consult a trained health practitioner before using herbal remedies, especially if you have an allergy history.

2. Don’t use cloves in any form if you are allergic to cloves or eugenol compounds. Your doctor can advise you more about this.

3. Low amounts of cloves are known to have tremendous health benefits. Excessive use can have a toxic effect on your health.

4. Pregnant women should always seek medical advice before taking any form of medication.

Conclusion: The Benefit of Cloves Sexually

Now you know the immense benefit of cloves sexually. 

When next you come across clove in the market, you should rather pick it up instead of the processed foods that do nothing good to aid your sexual health.

Always make sure you take precautions and use cloves in the right amount. All you will experience are its numerous sexual health benefits.

Have you ever used cloves before? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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