Don’t Buy Palm Oil Again Until You’ve Read This!


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Everyone eats palm oil.

As Africans, it is a major component of our food.

This shows how popular palm oil is in our food recipes. 

In this article, I will reveal to you an unhealthy practice of palm oil sellers. This practice threatens the lives of palm oil consumers.

Though a very common practice, many people don’t know how dangerous it is to health.

palm oil

Cheap Palm oil

In Nigeria and other tropical regions, there are periods when palm oil is so available in the market. During this period, palm oil sells at a very cheap price.

This is because, at this period, oil palm is producing at its peak

Using simple economics knowledge, the supply of palm oil to the market usually will exceed its demand for it, thus bringing down the price of palm oil massively.

This usually happens between January to May.

At these times, many palm oil business owners will buy palm oil in large quantities and store them up. 

The cost of buying palm oil at these times is very cheap, hence, they buy palm oil, keep them with the hope of selling it during the off-seasons when the demand for palm oil exceeds its supply.

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Effects of long storage of palm oil

palm oil

Palm oil sellers are only concerned about their gain. Every other thing is tertiary and unimportant to them.

Brief storage of palm oil isn’t a bad practice. In fact, research reveals that when palm oil is stored for a period of between 1-4 months after production, its bacterial content would have reduced.

Though this only happens when stored under the right approved standard.

The problem with local storage 

When palm oil storage rules are obeyed, storing palm oil itself isn’t a bad practice.

When storing palm oil, the following factors must be considered;

  • The quality of the freshly produced palm oil
  • The storage containers
  • The nature of the storage room/facility
  • The duration of storage

Quality of freshly produced palm oil

For palm oil to be able to stay on the ground for a long time and maintain its quality and be safe for consumption, it must be milled using best milling practices.

If palm oil milling is not properly done, during storage, it can breed bacteria according to research. Some of these bacteria have been identified as pathogenic- meaning that they can cause various infections.

As a consumer, there is nothing much we can do about this. Consumers, don’t even know where these oil palms are being processed.

I will discuss what we can do to salvage issues like this for the benefit of our health and that of our families. 

Storage containers

There are recommended containers in which palm oil should be stored.

When palm oil is to be stored for a long time, the recommended health standard is that it must be stored in transparent containers. This is because palm oil needs some element of light.

If there is no chance of light, such palm oil will develop a lot of acids which I will discuss soon.

Unfortunately, almost all our palm oil is stored in opaque blastic kegs which have zero permission for light.

If such oil is to be consumed within the first 4 months after production, that might not be a problem. But once the storage time is getting longer, its acidic content called free fatty acid begins to rise. 

This might be the reason for constantly falling sick and the reduction in immunity that we experience these days.

Again, we as final palm oil consumers have little we can do about this. But I will also discuss the solution to this because, whether we like it or not, ingesting this kind of palm oil eventually has effects on our health.

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The nature of the storage room/facility

The storage room for palm oil must also be considered to ascertain if the stored palm oil will be good for consumption.

Palm oil should be stored at room temperature without any external source of heat. But the room must have an allowance for natural light.

If palm oil is stored in a dark place, the absence of light will increase the oxidative reaction in the oil. This makes the oil lose its antioxidant properties and produce lots of acids(free fatty acid) which is dangerous for health when consumed. 

The duration of storage

This is by far the most important factor that determines the healthy and quality status of stored palm oil.

Research confirms that palm oil for consumption if stored under the best condition can last up to 1 year. But it is strictly agreed that even in the best condition for storage, palm oil should be consumed within 6 months of production.

But what is the guarantee that the palm oil you are presently eating meets all these requirements?

Well, truth is that in Nigeria, many people don’t take the issue of health so seriously. Many times, people wait till their health breaks down and they start giving attention to what they eat.

Also, old age diseases are becoming more rampant than ever before. Sometimes, the accumulation of poisons in food over time, like the fatty acid in palm oil and others is culpable for these diseases.

A poison in palm oil; free fatty acid(FFA)

Free fatty acid(FFA) is an acid that forms in palm oil. A freshly produced palm oil under the best production condition usually does have about 0.5% free fatty acid.

According to nutrition research, the maximum amount of free fatty acid in palm oil that can be consumed is 5%.

When palm oil is stored for so long under poor conditions, tests done revealed that such palm oil can have as high as 14% free fatty acid, especially when such palm oil was not produced using the safe recommended process.

Consuming such palm oil sooner or later will have adverse effects on health. No wonder why these days, people develop diseases without a traceable cause.

Can palm oil with a huge amount of free fatty acid be identified?

Palm oil that has stayed longer and gone rancid and oxidized to produce huge fatty acids can be identified. But it’s going to be difficult to do identify such oil by just physical appearance.

If you see any palm oil that doesn’t appear fresh, well, if you have your way, you may decide not to buy. But the truth remains that sometimes, these are the only oil available for sale, so in this case, you don’t have much choice.

Can we avoid these food poisons?

We now live in a time when different unhealthy food gets into our system due to overpopulation. While palm oil is one food that we consume daily, we run the risk of exposure to free fatty acid poison. 

But free fatty acid is not the only food poison that gets into our system through feeding.

Consider hazard that enters our food through the use of inorganic fertilizers, chemically killed fish, chemically preserved meats, highly processed foods, and drinks, etc.

These poisonous chemicals find their way into our bodies almost every day. The sad side to this is that we have almost no control over these foods because we eat only what is available in the market. Many of us know nothing about how these foods are grown, processed, stored, preserved, and cooked.

A solution to consuming poisonous palm oil

There is only one effective solution to consuming poisonous food.

Trying not to eat palm oil that has free fatty acid is almost going to be an impossible task unless you plan to have your oil palm plantation and milling machine so that you can produce your palm oil at home.

The same goes for many other foods that contain poisonous chemicals. 

The only way you can care for your health and family is to get rid of these poisonous chemicals from your body by using a proven detoxifier.

What is a detoxifier?

A detoxifier is anything that can remove poisonous toxins from the body.

If there is anything you must always do from time to time, it is to detoxify your body to get rid of these poisonous substances.

It is interesting how most people spend hours in clinics, and spend so much money buying drugs. Yet all of these things are avoidable just by making sure that these toxins don’t accumulate in the body.

Naturally, the liver tries its best to detoxify the body, but because we are constantly feeding our body with more toxic chemicals than the liver can handle, we need to keep cleaning up the body regularly. 

How to detoxify the body

Regular detoxification of the body is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to live a healthy life. If you constantly detox, you might never come down with most of the infections people constantly complain about.

Even at old age, statistics reveal that people who have been detoxing from younger years rarely ever complain of old age infections such as rheumatism, and other pains when compared with people that never detox. 

Due to this, many products claim to be effective detoxifiers, but most of them as research reveals are not effective. Some of them have even been identified to do more harm than good.

I will soon publish how you can detox from home using natural plants, but if you are looking for an effective detox supplement that is guaranteed to work, and safe, I will only recommend the detox capsule that I use myself to cleanse my body.

This supplement is called PURE CLEANSE.

PURE CLEANSE is one of the products of LIVEPURE and it is a product known all over the world. 

So I guarantee that apart from the detox benefits I have discussed here, PURE CLEANSE can do much more. 

But this article is about letting you know the dangers of Free fatty acid and poisonous toxin accumulation in the body. 

pure cleanse

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Therefore I will only mention here that PURE CLEANSE is a powerful, cheap, and safe detox supplement that can flush out these poisons. After a few days of use, you will begin to notice the difference in your body, things you never took note of before now.


Palm oil is one of the best oil that nature has gifted us.

Wrong handling, poor processing, and bad storage have turned most of our palm oil into poisons. These toxins accumulate in the body and kill the body slowly!

As a consumer of palm oil, there is nothing you can do about this because you can’t know. But you can protect your body and that of your family from free fatty acid toxins and other bad chemicals entering the body from food.

You must detoxify your body regularly. This is the best and cheapest way to live healthy, even into old age. Regular detox will keep your body free from diseases and you won’t spend on treating strange infections.

My recommended detoxifier is the PURE CLEASE. Use it, even the way your body begins to feel is a guarantee that your body is free of toxins. 

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