6 Health Benefits of Goron Tula That You Never Knew


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Gorontula is a natural sex enhancer among other health benefits. The health components of this miracle fruit have several scientific backups.

You must begin to take this fruit henceforth if you want to enjoy a sexually healthy life without drugs or artificial sex boosters.

Goron Tula, botanically known as Azanza Garkeana, is a healthful fruit unknown by many. 

Also referred to as miracle fruit, Azanza, or snot apple, Goron Tula is widely cultivated in the Northern part of Nigeria, precisely Gombe State.

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Surprisingly, when the Goron Tula tree is planted somewhere else, it would not bear fruits. Moreover, It is also called African Chewing Gum because it has a sweet and chewy texture.

The fruit which is most popular among the residents of Tula in Gombe State has been found to have many benefits to health including increasing libido and fertility etc. 

Goron Tula contains seeds and pulp, a fleshy part divided into different sections. You can either eat it raw or in its powdered form. It can also be used in jellies, juice, etc.

Below are some health benefits of the Goron Tula fruit that have been known for ages.

Health Benefits of Goron Tula

1. Libido Increase

One of the most popular health benefits of Goron Tula is helping to increase libido. 

When you eat this fruit, you are most likely to develop stronger sexual desires for sexual intercourse. You can easily have several rounds of sex with your partner without feeling fatigued. 

So if you have a decreased libido, premature ejaculation, or weak erection due to stress, genetics, health issues, etc, you should give Goron Tula a try.

2. Vaginal Lubrication

If as a woman, you have a dry vagina, you may experience pains during sexual intercourse. Goron Tula is proven to enhance vaginal wetness and prevent dryness. 

It is advisable to consume Goron Tula if you find it hard to experience orgasm. To get the most of the fruit for vaginal wetness, It is best to eat 5-7 pieces of the fruit or even more depending on your body.

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3. Menstrual issues

It is claimed that eating Goron Tula does help with the correction of menstrual problems.

Goron Tula will help you remove stale blood after your menstrual cycle and detoxify your whole system. It acts as a vaginal detox as it cleanses the area without harsh chemicals. It also eliminates bad odour and prevents infection.

4. High Blood Pressure Reduction

Goron Tula has also been proven to reduce high blood pressure and hypertensive tendencies. It serves as a natural remedy that is just as effective as prescribed medications. 

You can take Goron Tula on its own or with your medicines.

5. Immune Booster

Goron Tula boosts your immune system and helps you fight disease-causing bacteria.

It also prevents the common cold and reduces inflammation. Its medicinal properties give you a healthy and vibrant life.

6. Clears Chest Pain

The medicinal properties of Goron Tula help get rid of chest pain. When you eat it, it distributes excess mucus from the lungs into the bloodstream thereby relieving you of chest pain.

Side Effects of Goron Tula

As it is with every other plant, Goron Tula consumption can be abused when you take too much of it. 

You may experience side effects especially if you abuse the fruit. The following are the side effects of this fruit:

  • It is believed that it may encourage the growth of certain cancerous cells when eaten without moderation.
  • It may cause early menstrual periods when taken in excess.
  • It may cause allergies. If it does, it is better you stop eating it and seek medical advice.

How to prepare Goron Tula for consumption

If you are just eating the fruit for the first time, then you might not know how to eat it properly. 

Bear in mind, that you might eat a dry one or a soft one. The dry Goron Tula has little or no juice in it and may not contain all the nutrients you need.

The soft one is juicier and better enriched. However, this does not mean the dry fruit is bad. 

When you get your Goron Tula, whether dry or soft, soak it for about 2 minutes in warm water. Open it from the side that has no cover where you would see the seeds. 

It is not advisable to eat the seeds as it is usually bitter. However, eating the seeds can help reduce blood sugar.

You should eat the flesh of the fruit. The fleshy portion of Goron Tula has a chewy texture, so chew it till there’s no more juice in it and then you can throw away the chaff.

How to Use Goron Tula Powder

As earlier noted, Goron Tula can be taken in its powdered form without losing its nutrients. You can add the powder to your tea, juice, sauce, or even warm water till you get the desired results. Powdered Goron Tula can be added to food as a supplement or additive.

How to Preserve Goron Tula

It is advisable to store it in a cool dry place as leaving it in the open can cause molds to grow on it.

If that happens, it would lose its sweet taste and may not be as healthy and effective as it should be.

You can also clean with tissues to prevent molds from growing on them. Technology has even made things easier! Just store your Goron Tula in a refrigerator and it would be free from spoilage for a long time.

Frequently Asked Question on Goron Tula

Q Can a man use Goron Tula?

Yes! Goron Tula is good for men as it treats erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and other sexual issues. If you do not last long in bed, then Goron Tula should be your new favourite!

Q. How many Goron Tula should you eat in a day?

Depending on your body type, you can chew about 5-7 Goron Tula daily for optimal results. For powder, take 3-5 tablespoons of Goron Tula Powder to your water, tea, or juice. However, make sure you take the fruit in moderation.


Goron Tula miracle fruit is a sweet and chewy fruit that resembles a kola nut. Originating from Tula, Gombe State, it is known to have lots of sexual and health benefits.

It has been proven to increase libido, treats infections, enhance vaginal wetness, and clear stale menstruation blood among others.

However, even though it has medicinal properties, it can also cause adverse effects when abused. This is why it is advisable to eat the fruit in moderation.

Have you had any experience with this miracle fruit before? If yes, let’s know about your experience in the comments area.

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