How To Lose Belly Fat Overnight


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How to lose belly fat overnight is a topic that is important to you if you really care about burning off those fats off your tummy!

44% of People who have abdominal fat or potbelly are much more likely to develop hypertension and diabetes ( report).

Unfortunately, many people on Nigerian streets don’t see abdominal obesity or potbelly as a serious health issue. 

Yet, it’s one of the most notorious silent killers, though these fatalities are more common among older people.

Abdominal fat is a popular term in this part of the world. 

Potbelly, more correctly known as abdominal obesity is very common in Nigeria, and west Africa much more than in other parts of the world. 

It is caused by the deposit of fat in the stomach area and it affects both men and women alike.

how to lose belly fat overnight

In this article, I will share with you one effective way how to lose belly fat overnight, or at least to get rid of belly fat very quickly using a certain plant.

This plant is easy to get, or source for. All you have to do is chew this plant, drink plenty of water and watch belly fat melt away like wax. No spending, no danger of drugs side effects!

Finally, you can get rid of the annoying fat without sacrificing those mouth-watering favourite dishes!

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What Causes Belly Fat?

In the Nigerian environment, the most common causes of belly fat include;

1. Diet

Without any doubt, belly fat is caused primarily by the kinds of food that we consume. 

Consumption of carbohydrate-containing foods like yam(and its derivatives), cassava, rice, spaghetti, noodles, white bread, and plantain are the foods that we consume daily. 

These foods are a rich source of carbohydrates or sugar, which when taken, do break down into excess fat. 

This fat ends up getting stored up under the skin around the stomach region.

Accumulation of this fat is what is seen as the protrusion around the belly area that develops into a potbelly or abdominal obesity.

I know what you are thinking, so now that we have listed virtually all the foods available as causing belly fat, will there be anything else to eat?

Or is this article trying to suggest that you should stop eating Nigerian dishes altogether? 

Of course, no. 

Read on as I provide a great answer to this question and suggest what you should do to prevent accumulating these stubborn fats. 

Even if you already have a potbelly, as this article promised, you will learn how to lose belly fat overnight using the powerful plant seed not known to many. 

This seed has the ability to melt stubborn belly fat in a matter of days.

Junks and Carbonated drinks

how to lose belly fat overnight

Junk and fast foods such as meat-pie, cake, burgers, ice cream, and pizza are already a part of our lives. 

But again, these snacks have very high-fat content which massively contributes to abdominal fat deposits.

Carbonated drinks also contain a high level of a kind of sugar called fructose. 

how to lose belly fat overnight

Unlike sugars such as glucose, fructose is being broken down in the liver.

 Excess broken down glucose is stored as fat and deposited around the stomach region(US National Institute of Health).

What this means is that fructose is a more dangerous sugar than glucose. 

But how can you know where processed fructose is mostly found? Your soft drinks!


You should have seen this coming. 

Alcohol contains a high amount of calories, which simply means more fat deposited in your body.

Also, since the body sees alcohol as a kind of fuel, any time you take it, the body will suspend breaking down and using the stored fat in your body as fuel and use alcohol instead.

The overall effect is more fat in your body.

Also, alcohol is specifically notorious for depositing fat in your stomach region.

Don’t feel discouraged with this long list of food that causes belly fat.

I already promised to show you how to lose belly fat overnight and that promise is about to be fulfilled.

But you will agree with me that the information I share is also good for your awareness. 

It’s informative and so, you can know how to manage these foods in a way that won’t mess up your shape and keep fat deposits in your tummy area very low.

2. Lifestyle

how to burn belly fat overnight

If you are giving out less than you take, you will have more. This simple arithmetic explains the impact of food consumption and exercise.

If you are consuming so many calories without a corresponding exercise, then your body will store more fat. 

The mistake many people are making is that they think they must hit the gym before they can exercise their bodies. 

There are simple exercises that can help you burn belly fat. These exercises are not always strenuous or time-consuming. In fact, some are quite fun and your body will reap the benefits.

Simple exercises such as running on an incline, cycling, and simply taking a long walk will help burn stored fat in your tummy region.

3. Stress and poor sleep habits

how to lose belly fat overnight
Stress can affect the body’s metabolism. 

For instance, any time we are under pressure or stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released in the body to help manage our mood.

When under stress, people often reach out for more food or even alcohol.

During this time, cortisol can impact excess calories from such food storing them as fat in the tummy region.

Also, research by PubMed Center has linked short sleep to increase weight which in turn leads to the deposit of belly fat.

Anything that takes sleep away from you can impact your emotion such as eating habits. 

This in turn plays a role in the deposition of fat around the tummy region.

4. Genetics

We also can’t rule out factors that are beyond human control that contribute to weight gain or fat deposit.

According to US CDC, body metabolism, habit, and the risk of developing obese related issues all can be traced to genetics.

I have noticed that some people just tend to pick up fat more easily than others. These are the genetic influences that we have limited control over.

How To Lose Belly Fat Overnight Without Giving Up Food

how to lose belly fat overnight
One of the biggest challenges to losing belly fat is telling people to stop eating all of the foods that they love.

Come to think of it, is it even possible to avoid these foods? I don’t think so.

But having said that, I will strongly advise that you should cut down on these carbs and fat-producing foods. Eat more nonfat, fiber-rich food.
how to lose belly fat overnight

Examples of fiber-rich food you can easily find in the market include yogurt (plain without sugar), fruit and vegetables, beans, brown bread, oatmeal, fish, egg, etc.

If you keep this eating process, as a rule, I guarantee that you will begin to see positive results in a short time. 

This will even be more effective if you incorporate simple exercises into your schedule. Cut down on alcohol and carbonated drink intake. Sleep better and live a stress-free life as much as you can.

A Miracle Seed that Burns Fat in Few Nights

how to lose belly fat overnight

Have you ever heard about Miracle Seed?

Before I suggest this seed to you, I want you to be careful of several fat-burning supplements that exist in the market.

Several of them are either harmful to your health or an utter waste of money.

If you are desperate about burning down fat around your stomach, and you want it fast, then I will suggest you use Miracle seed.

What Is Miracle Seed?

Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) is popularly known as Miracle seed in Nigeria.

As the name suggests, this is a local seed that has been known to people from the middle east, Asia and Africa for centuries. 

Countries such as China have used plants like this to solve myriad health issues. 

Nigerians on the other hand have drifted more toward Western medicines, several of which are expensive and not anyway as efficacious as these natural plants which are super effective, organic, and safe.

Do note also that this local seed also cures health issues such as constipation, fallopian tube flush/irregular menstruation for women, and back and waist pain.

This is because this seed is a natural body detoxifier. Don’t underestimate its curative power all because it is free or cheap to get.

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How To Use Miracle Seed To Burn Belly Fat

  •  Smatch 1 or 2 seeds of Miracle seed open
  • Chew seed with some groundnut quantity
  •  Drink plenty of water afterward.
  • Miracle seed is very powerful, therefore, I advise that you take it just once per week. Note also that it could induce purging, so don’t abuse its use.

You will be grateful for this gift of nature if you give it a try.

Come back and let me know its effect on your body in the comment section.

Just make sure you chew a single seed per time, except you have a strong body system that can take two seeds.

Also, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take Miracle seed.

How To Get Miracle Seed

You can always source it in the local market. But if you find it difficult to get, then call this contact at 08102768545.

They can help you get good and viable variety and send it to you anywhere within Nigeria.

Conclusion: How To Lose Belly Fat Overnight

Belly fat can be a very stubborn fat to burn off. 

It will be a good practice to avoid accumulating belly fat by taking less carbohydrate-containing foods like yam, cassava, rice, spaghetti, noodles, white bread, and plantain are. 

Consume more non-fat fiber-rich foods such as yogurt (plain without sugar), fruit and vegetables, beans, brown bread, oatmeal, fish, egg, etc.

This of course will take so much time and lots of discipline and sacrifice. 

The natural solution to getting rid of belly fat in a matter of nights without sacrificing your delicious meals is to use a mixture of Miracle seed and groundnut.

 Miracle seed will melt your belly fat very quickly while you won’t stop eating your tasty delicacies.

Does that sound interesting? Then visit your local market and get your Miracle seed now. If you cant access this seed, call the number 08102768545 and it will be sent to you anywhere within Nigeria.

Have you ever used Miracle seed before? Share your experience with us in the comment section.


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