Sefi Oyeyemi Declares; I Want To Live To Be 150!


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I Want To Live To Be 150! Sefi Oyeyemi Declares

Sefi Oyeyemi, a Nigerian woman, was born in Lagos in 1896. 

She went through both world wars and witnessed dozens of politicians lead the country.

Sefi Oyeyemi is the world’s oldest living individual, according to Nigerian authorities, having turned 124 years old on March 14. 

Sefi outlived not only her friends but also many of her peers’ children.

This great-great-grandmother is subjected to medical examinations regularly. 

Every year, the doctors say the same thing: “She’s as fit as a horse, and in that department, she could compete with astronauts.”

Despite her lengthy life, Sefi Oyeyemi rarely leaves her rural home and consistently denied her children’s offers to relocate her to the city.

Her children were understandably anxious about leaving an elderly woman alone. Sefi, on the other hand, is unconcerned with her age.

Sefi Oyeyemi owns a beautiful wooden mansion built by her late husband. The old woman looks after the house. 

Aside from that, she has a 10-acre garden that she tends every year. Sefi also looks after a flock of hens and Molly, her goat. 

Surprisingly, the elderly lady has sufficient energy for all of this.

We paid a visit to the centenarian to interview her and learn her biggest secret. 

Enjoy this interesting and revealing interview with Sefi Oyeyemi:

“How do you live so long without sickness, always very strong?” 

While sipping Mrs. Sefi Oyeyemi’s delicious tea, we realize she has other things on her mind. We don’t waste her time, so we go right to the point of our visit.

You’ve lived such a long life, Sefi. You’ve lived much longer than virtually anyone else. How did you pull that off?

Yes, I’ve already answered this question to everyone who has asked it (journalists are constant guests in my house). 

It all comes down to having clean blood vessels.

That was something my beloved old friend Ben told me before the war. 

Ben was a herbalist who lived here. People traveled from all over the place to see him for treatment, even from adjacent towns. 

He was drafted into the army to participate in the war, but he never returned. 

We did live next door to each other. He’d generally come over in the evenings for tea and we’d talk. He was the one who told us which parts of the body needed to be treated.

Back then, I had a sister. Her health was a problem for her. 

My parents repaired her blood vessels, and she improved as a result.

Since then, we’ve been convinced that clean vessels are essential for good health, and our entire family would get them cleaned regularly. 

In 1987, both of our parents were tragically killed in a car accident. My sister, on the other hand, lived for a shorter period than I did. She died at 95. 

I also made certain that all of my children understood the need of keeping their containers clean.

As a result, the containers are the key to longevity; they must be cleaned regularly. 

But no one does this, which is why they die young. This is especially true for senior citizens who live in cities. 

They enjoy taking a lot of medicines in the hopes that they will help them. This astonished me when I went to see my granddaughter in Abuja. 

People are only 50 years old, but they are all down daily, sick! That’s what medicines are made of, poisonous substances. They would be healthy and energetic, just like me, if they cleaned their vessels.

Sefi, Are you implying that if someone in poor health begins to clean their blood vessels, they will live longer?

Yes, of course! 

That is precisely the point. Consider that for a moment. 

The vessels carry blood, which nourishes all of the organs. The healthier the organs are, the better the nourishment. 

The rest of the body’s health is dependent on vascular health. However, after time, containers grow filthy. Blood, after all, can get contaminated with dirt and other indigestible things that build upon the vessel walls.

They simply don’t have any other options. As a result, vessels corrode, similar to rusted pipes. The blood flow to the internal organs becomes inadequate.

As a result, they “starve” and grow ill.

Poor blood supply affects the kidneys, stomach, liver, and bladder. 

The brain is no exception. 

Consider what would happen if I stopped feeding a cow regularly. Naturally, she will become ill right away!

Your organs will recover if you restore proper blood supply. Perhaps the person will not live as long as I have, but they will certainly live longer.

For three, five, and possibly ten years. Before the invention of pills and the pharmaceutical industry, this was the most common treatment approach.

I just remembered a story. 

A long time ago, a woman wrote me a letter. Her husband was battling severe hypertension. 

There are several pre-infarction symptoms. The physicians predicted that his agony would come to an end quickly (permanently). 

They advised the woman to begin looking for a suitable burial site. I was one of the people she went to for help with her husband’s situation. 

She assumed I was hiding something. I advised him to clean his vessels. That’s the only “secret” I have. 

Since then, ten years had passed. The man is still alive and well, and he has been free of hypertension for a long time.

Following that, their entire family began to clean the vessels. They now phone me every year on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday. I got a lot of similar stories as well.

Journalists frequently inquire about this, and I always respond with what I’ve just said. 

However, it appears that people ask questions without genuinely listening to the answers. They certainly should! 

You will be able to live a long and healthy life if you clean your vessels! After all, there’s no purpose in living a long life if diseases are always present.

How do you keep your vessels clean? Do you handle it on your own? Could you tell our readers about your solution?

It was something I used to do on my own. I’d go out of my way to pick and prepare herbs just for this. 

But I used to have more energy. I would personally travel to the forest and fields to gather, dry, and prepare everything I required. 

Every two years, I cleaned my containers. There’s no need to do it more frequently than that because that’s how long the vessels take to become polluted. 

However, I no longer pick herbs myself. That will mean going into the bush at the right climate and time to source my herbs. It’s just too much for me at the moment.

That was 15 years ago the last time I did it.

My eldest daughter is currently residing in Germany. She prescribes a medication for me, which I receive at a discounted cost via mail. 

At the moment, I’m using it to clean my vessels. Our postwoman, Leanne, always brings it right up to my house. This medication is even more effective than the herbs. 

And, as I already stated, gathering the herbs by myself is becoming increasingly difficult. I may be in good shape, but I’m still 124 years old, you know? After all, we can slow old age but we can’t stop it.

What is the name of this drug?

Oh, I’m not sure I remember. I already threw the package away. In terms of the name, I believe you should inquire with my daughter. 

I can provide you with her contact information. Because she lives in Germany, that call may be costly…

Sefi Oyeyemi leaves the room to search for something. She returns a little while later with a battered notebook in which Sefi still scribbles phone numbers in her old-fashioned method.

According to the daughter, the first thing was that this isn’t a drug, but a supplement.

Supplement vs Drugs

Though many people don’t understand the difference, supplements are not drugs, they are natural food and very safe. Any good supplement has zero side effects. 

Ask any doctor, there is no drug without adverse side effects.

Secondly, she let us know that the supplement she usually sends to her mom isn’t a German supplement.

This prompted us to research further about natural supplements that can cleanse the blood just as mama has said. Medically, blood cleansing is called detoxification.

We found the supplement!

We decided to speak with a doctor about mama’s claims, just to double-check how powerful blood cleansing practice is to human health.

Also to help people who are so addicted to hearing from a Doctor before believing anything.

The report we got is mind-blowing.

Is it true that it’s good for a person’s blood vessels to be cleaned?

With time, more doctors are concluding that blood cleansing is a very important health procedure that can not only extend life expectancy but also improve human health. 

This practice is becoming very popular in western nations.

Read: Cleanse your blood and cells with this blood cleanse Juice

Because cholesterol-clogged blood arteries are dangerous to one’s health! And this is in the case of persons who do not have cardiovascular disease or hypertension.

 For people suffering from such diseases, cleaning the blood vessel is an absolute requirement.

What is the name of this supplement have we been trying to get from mama?

Following the interview, we were not able to ascertain the exact supplement that mama is using. But the truth remains that if you want to live a good, healthy, and long life, you must learn how to regularly detox your blood and other organs of your body.

We will recommend that you go for a proven detox supplement that can help you cleans your internal organs.

That is the message Sefi is preaching. We can assure you that this has been extensively researched and proven to be true.

As much as possible, you must avoid drugs and food that are harmful to your body.

While it is possible to avoid drugs, it might be more challenging to do without harmful food. That is the reason why we strongly advise that you start using a proven supplement that can regularly clean your blood and other organs of your body.

By the way, you can click this link to see some of our recommended juice to cleanse blood and other supplements


The life of every living being is in the blood, and that’s true of us as humans. The healthier your blood is, the healthier your life will be.

I encourage you to desire a long, healthy happy life by following the example of mama. Clean your blood and live strong, even into your hundred. As you can see, it’s possible, it’s easy and the cheapest way to live a healthy happy life!


  1. G. Lazarus

    Where can I find the this supplement, will I find it at a nearest Clicks store or Dischem store

  2. Richard Hlatshwayo

    I wish to get cardiota as am suffering from blood pressure. If it really cleans the arteries it is worth a try. Long live Oyeyemi!

  3. Beau Gascon

    This template story of Sefi Oyeyemi is being exploited to endorse various food supplements all claiming to be the synthesized version of the centenarian’s secret of long life. In one presentation even mentioned Oyeyemi as Filipino which is not for as her surname implies she is indeed Nigerian. This causes me to doubt on the integrity of food supplements and health products endorsed by Sefi Oyeyemi. For the first place, is this woman real and alive at all? The consuming public wants to know the truth about food supplements and health products.

    • Muyiwa Samuel

      That’s true though. But it doesn’t minimize the importance of nature’s healing power, maybe that’s why people exploit it. Thanks for your comment.

    • Muyiwa Samuel

      Food supplements are better than orthodox medicines but just as with every other great product, there will be abuses. That’s the more reason why the public must be careful before jumping to the shelf to take any health product, either orthodox or herbal.

  4. Beau Gascon

    Same story used to endorse Cardiovax and Neortm


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