Symptoms Stomach Ulcer, And Home Remedies For Ulcer Cure


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Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. I will explain Symptoms, stomach ulcer causes, and home remedies to get 100% organic cure in this article.

Stomach ulcers are open wounds on the surface of the stomach. Stomach ulcers are also called gastric ulcers.

Now that you know that ulcers are sores, you can relate more to the reasons why you do experience those serious pains right?

It is because you have open wounds on your stomach lining. 

Maybe during your research, you have also come across the term peptic ulcer, well we are still talking about the same thing. Just that the word “peptic” helps to explain stomach ulcers better.

Peptic means that those serious pains you experience as an ulcer patient have something to do with acids. 

symptoms stomach ulcer

Don’t worry about how acids got into your stomach. They are supposed to be there, only that you are not supposed to have open sores in your stomach.

Those acids are doing important jobs in every healthy stomach. But because you now have stomach sores, the acids touch the sores, and now, they are causing serious damage and this can be extremely painful. 

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What causes stomach ulcers?

While there is a possibility of a baby being born with ulcers in the digestive tract(stomach and intestines), this is however very rare. 

Also, there has been some evidence of ulcers being traced to genetic inheritance, but it’s not as straightforward as the usually common genetic disorders.

Does hunger or fasting cause ulcers?

Hmmn….I never knew that this question is more interesting than it sound until I began to make my research about it.

Does hunger really cause ulcers? Does prolonged fasting induces symptoms of stomach ulcer?

There are lots of research claims that are divided over the answer.

Some studies claim that prolonged hunger is a major cause of gastric ulcers while others say hunger doesn’t cause stomach ulcers. 

I will not say here if prolonged hunger or fasting cause ulcers or not, but I will explain in easy terms what happens when you skip meals.

Some people believe that when you skip meals, you are giving your stomach a break for rest. 

Well, this is not true!

The stomach is an organ that helps us to digest food. To do this, the stomach needs to secrete an acid called hydrochloric acid(let’s just call it peptic acid here). This acid is needed to act on your food so it can be digested.

Remember we already mentioned acids earlier.

Now, at a certain time that your stomach already studies, whether there is food in your stomach or not, it releases this acid. This is because, at such times, your stomach expects that there will be food present for digestion.

Prolonged periods of the activity of the peptic acid in your stomach without food may lead to acid reflux(acid interference with your digestive tubes), gastritis(inflammation of your stomach wall), and high stomach acid.

It is believed that subjecting the stomach continuously to this situation can erode your digestive tract lining and this will result in to open sore or ulcer.

So, irrespective of where you stand in the argument, just know that skipping meals is not good for your health in any form.


The most common cause of stomach ulcers is a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori.

Most diagnosed cases of stomach ulcers have been traced to this bacteria. This might even be a reason why some people believe that hunger might not be the cause of stomach ulcers.


Apart from bacteria, some lifestyles can increase the chance of developing stomach ulcers.

Some of which include;

  • Smoking
  • Excessive caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Drug abuse

Family history is also a factor that can increase the probability of one coming down with a gastric ulcer.

Stomach ulcers from drugs

Certain drugs have been implicated to cause stomach ulcers when overused.

These drugs generally belong to pain killers and other NSAIDs ( drugs that reduce pain, decrease inflammation, decreases fever, and prevents blood clots) 

Also, some antibiotics are known to have caused ulcers in certain patients.

Symptoms stomach ulcer

Are you thinking if the pains you are currently experiencing are of symptoms stomach ulcer?

Early symptoms stomach ulcer are usually associated with or even confused with that of heartburn, acid reflux. 

But then, for stomach ulcers, it is usually accompanied by burning stomach pain and(or nausea).

Stomach ulcer pains are generally worse when the patient is on an empty stomach. 

This is because, without food, the peptic acid has more contact with the open sore. The patient usually feels much better after eating.

Food is a great buffer between stomach acid and the ulcer.

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Is stomach ulcer curable?

Stomach ulcer is a curable condition. 

Medically, the use of antibiotics helps to eradicate H.pylori. Other anti-ulcer medications are used to heal stomach ulcers.

But do you know that extensive research has proved the efficacy of some natural plants that can help you heal ulcers very quickly and completely?

These herbs will completely dry up stomach sores without leaving any trace of complications that may be experienced with medical drugs or even surgery. 

Homemade remedies for stomach ulcer

I made my research on how to cure stomach ulcers without drugs or surgery, just purely using plants.

But I think it’s also very good to start by informing you what to avoid when you notice ulcer symptoms, stomach ulcer signals or have been properly diagnosed with a stomach ulcer.

Foods that ulcer patients must avoid

  • Pepper
  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Beer
  • Drugs such as Ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Processed foods
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Too much salt/salty foods
  • Acidic foods like tomatoes and orange

While some of this food may not be avoided completely, significantly cutting down their consumption will help you a great deal as an ulcer patient. 

If you can do without them completely, that will even be a better option.

Foods that researchers claim can help in stomach healing

Researchers have found certain minerals hugely beneficial for the health of the stomach. Furthermore, these important minerals have been found in certain foods. 

So when you take these foods as an ulcer patient, it goes a long way to help heal the sores in your stomach. 

These foods do this by releasing these minerals and therefore help in healing the stomach lining.


Researchers have suggested that a mineral called flavinoid, also known as bioflavonoids is an effective supplementary treatment for stomach ulcers.

Fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in flavonoid minerals. 

According to research by Mayo Clinic, a diet rich in vitamins can greatly assist your body in healing ulcers naturally. Fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are rich in vitamins

Some specifically good examples are;

  • Soybeans
  • Red grapes
  • legumes(cucumber, green pepper, groundnut, clover, etc)
  • Teas especially Green tea
  • Avocado pear
  • Banana
  • Carbage

Flavinoid minerals are very important to ulcer cure and so, you can also get them in supplement forms. They are available in chemists and supermarkets.


Probiotics are live microorganisms that are beneficial to the gut(your digestive tract). 

We mentioned that bacteria is a major cause of stomach ulcers. A study revealed that probiotics can help destroy this bacterium and restore stomach health.

Fermented foods are particularly rich in probiotics, and a very good one is natural yogurt.


Honey will always be here! As far as you have healthy blood glucose, then honey is a perfect recommendation for suiting ulcers and accelerating the healing process.

Honey is rich in antioxidants and honey has antibacterial properties. Research reveals honey’s ability to inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori.


Yeah, garlic is another food that has been thoroughly researched and known to have a powerful effect on H. pylori, the bacteria causing stomach ulcers.

You should include garlic in your food if you are an ulcer patient seeking a natural cure.

If you are the type that gets uncomfortable with garlic’s strong aroma, then you can take it in supplement form too.

Homemade claim to a complete ulcer cure

I met a naturalist who claim to have suffered ulcers for over 4 years. He cured his stomach ulcers using 100% natural plants.

I will share his recipe here but I want to state that I haven’t done any personal research to confirm how effective this method is.

But as far as I’m concerned, using 100% nature for healing is worth the try. You wouldn’t need to be fearful of complications because green plants won’t hurt your body.

I don’t have an ulcer, but if you are an ulcer patient desperately looking for a natural cure that costs nothing, then give this a try. 

How to cure ulcers using plants at home

You will need to get the following;

  1. Large purple onion
  2. Green pepper
  3. Water

  • Make 2-3 slices of purple onion and chew them raw. Make sure to drink enough water before chewing. Onion has a chemical compound that eliminates bacteria in your stomach lining. 
  • Get matured green pepper. Remove its seeds and chew one big pepper, just one per day.

You will need to repeat this process for at least 2 weeks and then check yourself to see the effect of this food on your stomach ulcers. 

Also, note that positive results may come either earlier or later than 2 weeks. It will depend on a lot of factors such as your body’s reaction, and how severe your ulcer has been. So do take note.

If this recipe is working, make sure that you continue the process until you completely don’t feel the ulcer symptoms again before you stop.

Safety guide for this ulcer treatment recipe

  1. You must reduce stressful activities while taking this recipe. This is because can drop the body sugar level significantly. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed to be hypoglycemic, do not use this recipe
  2. While taking this recipe, make sure to always watch your blood pressure. This recipe also does drop blood pressure. So make sure your blood pressure does not drop below 115 while using this recipe.
  3. If you notice a drop in blood sugar during this recipe treatment, you can replenish your sugar level by chewing sugarcane. But if you have no access to natural sugar sources like sugar cane, then you can use refined sugar instead.
  4. Make sure to avoid the earlier mentioned food that is not good for ulcers when taking this recipe.
  5. Consume foods that I already mentioned as being good for ulcer healing more while taking this recipe.


Ulcer is curable even though several ulcer patients claim that medications have not been effective. But depending on your doctor’s prescription and advice, you might still want to stick to them.

But I want you to stop for a moment and also give the natural ulcer cure recipes discussed in this article a try. I assure you that these natural foods work wonders. 

A natural cure may be a bit slower because your body is taking a natural route to heal. Your body prefers this method to a doctor’s prescription which may be harsh and even leaves your body with treatment complications.

Let me know how this works with your body after use and share your experience in the comment section.

If you have questions, comments, or contributions about this healing method or other natural methods to cure infections using plants and herbs, feel free to share with us in the comment section.


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