These 10 Bitter kola Benefits will Keep You Off The Hospital Forever 


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After reading through these bitter kola benefits, your perception of bitter kola will change forever!

Bitter kola is a very popular seed in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. 

In Nigeria, it is popularly known as orogbo among the Yorubas, Namijin-goro among Hausas, Akinu in Ukwuani, and Akiulu among Igbos.

Now, let me give you a little background on why you must begin to embrace a medicinal plant such as bitter kola. 

I’m 37years old, the last time I was admitted to the hospital was when I was 8 years old. 

I remember vividly that I almost missed my primary 4 exams then.

Also, the last time I visited a clinic(for my own personal care), I was in secondary school. 

I remembered taking an injection. No injection has ever touched my buttocks since then.

I always find it amusing anytime people doubt these my claims. To me, it’s not supposed to be doubted because you don’t have to visit a doctor or use drugs to stay alive and healthy!

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10 benefits of bitter kola that keep the doctor away

Food is the real drug

Look around you and see that nature has provided all that we will ever need to live a healthy and happy life.

Africa is rich with abundant medicinal plants.  Only that we either commonize them or lack adequate information on how to use them for our health benefit.

 Bitter kola Benefits

I will share the benefits of one of such highly important food. The bitter kola benefits.

Bitter Kola benefits

Bitter kola, also known as Garcinia kola is a flowering plant that is abundant in West Africa. 

Unlike seeds such as goruntula or miracle seed, bitter kola is very abundant and popular. This is the more reason why I’m baffled that so many people are not taking advantage of its abundant benefits.

While a doctor might not know this, in the history of African medicine, every part of bitter kola is known to have medicinal value.

As a Microbiologist myself, we have studied bitter kola benefits extensively and marveled at the medicinal treasure packed in the bitter kola seed.

Even more exciting information is that bitter kola possesses several other benefits aside from the bitter kola medicinal benefits.  

Read on as I share 11 super bitter kola benefits that will give you a new perspective of this wonderful gift of nature.

Bitter kola Health Benefits

I know that some people have a soft spot for western medicine. 

If you do, know that every bitter kola health benefit I am sharing here is scientifically proven. Even though many people still underestimate the power of these medicinal plants.

1. Boosts the body’s Immunity

Many immune boosters are only effective if they have been taken long before the start of an infection.

Bitter kola is quite different in this sense. 

Are you just beginning to notice certain infections such as coughs and particularly bacterial and viral infections? Chewing bitter kola combat these infections almost immediately. 

You will begin to feel better in a matter of hours.

From time immemorial, bitter kola is known to fight diseases such as hepatitis, the common cold, and other bacterial and viral infections.

To boost immunity, all you need is just to cultivate the habit of chewing bitter kola. 

You can also incorporate it into your diet, garnished with other medicinal plants like alligator pepper and honey.

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2. Cures eye problem

Eating bitter kola is a natural way to take care of eyesight. There are diseases that are becoming very common which are not supposed to be. 

Now we see even very young children wearing glasses because of various eye defects.

Many of these are caused by eating too much-refined food at the expense of our natural medicinal food.

Bitter kola helps to reduce eye pressure. If the pressure in the eye is high, it could result in eye infections, particularly glaucoma.

For the cure to eye defect, eat bitter kola seed two times a day and you will begin to see positive results. Bitter kola can also be sliced and soaked in water. This solution is used sparingly as an eye drop to clear the cornea and give clear vision

3. Clears hoarse voice and cough

According to tandfonline, it has become a norm for voice students and actors to use a combination of bitter kola and other organic foods such as honey and ginger for voice treatment.

Bitter kola clears hoarse voice by stimulating mucus production at the trachea. This helps moisturize the dry lining of the vocal tube.

All to do is to chew the bitter kola seed and take honey. You should also use natural honey as your food sweetener instead of refined sugar.

4. Neutralizes food poisoning

Have you ever taken food and suspected poisoning? 

Bitter kola has been known for centuries to be a powerful poison neutralizer.

Bitter kola helps in detoxifying poisons in the body.

How: For food poisoning treatment, chew both the seed and bark of bitter kola together. It detoxifies the system and cures food poisoning.

5. Cures diarrhoea and cough

In addition to enhancing the voice, bitter kola cures cough and stops diarrhoea. 

Personally, I do advise that kids should be forced to chew bitter kola, especially after eating sugary food and snacks. They will never have experience with cough if they can inculcate that habit.

Saponin in bitter kola is vastly responsible for this cleansing action as it also aids liver function and battles tuberculosis.

6. Boosts sperm count and improves fertility in men

A combination of bitter kola and alligator pepper has been used to improve low sperm count among men. This combination also boosts sperm fertility in men.

Some men even claim to have used bitter kola to cure premature ejaculation. This can be achieved by chewing bitter kola seed a few hours before engaging in intercourse.

How: Consistently chew a mixture of bitter kola and alligator pepper for a month. 

The effect can be visible on the sperm as it becomes physically thicker and help increase the odd to impregnate a woman.

7. Promotes longevity

Bitter kola has also been claimed to promote longevity and has anti-aging properties.

While the jury is still out on this, we know that lots of elderly people chew bitter kola and they believe that it helps promote long life.

I wouldn’t doubt this claim either, considering the proven medicinal properties in bitter kola.

8. Treatment of measles and mumps

Bitter kola is a perfect solution for measles in children. 

Also, bitter kola suppresses vomiting among both children and adults.

To treat measles and mumps, grind bitter kola and mix with some quantity of honey. 

This should be taken both orally and can also be rubbed on the skin surface until the desired result is achieved.

Bitter kola benefits(Non-health benefits of bitter kola)

Interestingly, there are also other benefits of bitter kola apart from its health usage.

9. Drives snakes away

This is a proven effect of having bitter kola around. 

If you have snake infestations around your home or you simply want to keep this dangerous reptile off, then you want to keep bitter kola around.

How: Drop bitter kola seeds around your house and into strategic corners, it will keep snakes off your home.

10. Reduces the intoxicating effect of alcohol

There have been several claims that bitter kola reduces the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

How?: Chew one to two seeds of bitter kola before taking alcohol. It will stem down the alcoholic intoxicating effect.

Balance your body’s pH to live a healthy life

It is natural that we crave sweet and delicious foods. We all do.

But we should know that these sweet foods raise the body’s acidity. 

This(acidity) is not so good for our health and so, nature has also provided us with a balance. 

It has blessed us with essential bitter foods which help balance the body’s pH and they must be eaten occasionally but consistently.

Bitter kola is chief among such bitter foods.  


Many Africans have lost the organic culture which our fathers have used over centuries to enhance their lives and greatly improve their lives despite the low level of medicare in those days. 

We can see the consequence of our failure to embrace organic life, especially in our health.

Bitter kola is a seed that should never be missing in your home as it is packed with numerous health and non-health benefits that will improve your life at no cost.

Have you ever used bitter kola for any of the benefits listed above? Let me know your view in the comment section.


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