These Are The Reasons why you should stop eating white rice (And What You Should Eat Instead)


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Stop eating white rice immediately!

100% of the diseases that torment humans are caused by what we eat or do not eat.

If you skipped through that statement, you need to read it again.

In this article, I will explain the reasons why you should stop eating white rice immediately and I will tell you the kind of rice to eat. This rice is abundant, tastes much better, is cheap, and is available.

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Scientifically proven top reasons why people fall sick

Do you dream of living your full life in good health, free from always landing on a hospital bed, pharmacy, or chemist shop? 

There is just one thing you need to do; watch what you eat. Then watch those things that you refuse to eat.

As simple as that statement is, it is still amazing that many people don’t understand it.

As humans, it is scientifically proven that the quality of our health is measured by the quality of the food we eat. Do you know that even the holy books support this fact?

Do you know that the quality of food is not measured by how expensive the food is in the market? 

Watch summary Brown rice vs White rice in Video

Why will you subject yourself, your children, and your family always to drugs all because you spend money buying unhealthy foods, either raw or processed? 

Many of these medications even end up hurting you and your health. 

Don’t you know that you simply can live a good, healthy, and awesome life eating natural foods? 

All these highly nutritious foods are abundantly available around, cheap, or even free.

Unfortunately, westernization, technological improvement, or a high standard of living has made most people turn towards processed food, like white rice filling up the market.

Many of these processed foods are the reasons why diseases have risen to an all-time high.

Even drugs are not working as they used to be because the immunity level of many people has dropped drastically. Young children suffering from various diseases such as eye problems etc.

Brown rice vs white rice


According to Wikipedia, there are about 40,000 varieties of rice available. These rice varieties are all different in terms of their taste, and nutrient compositions.

Brown rice


Basically, all these varieties of rice in their natural state are called brown rice. Only the husk of brown rice has been removed during processing.

In terms of nutritional quality, brown rice is the best of all rice processing.

Brown rice is sold either as basmati, jasmine, or brown glutinous rice. In Nigeria, brown rice is locally identified by names such as ofada rice, abakaliki rice, etc.

Natural rice or brown rice is one of the best carbohydrate food for human consumption. Brown rice is rich in vitamins B1, B3, B6, trace minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, and iron, and is very rich in fibers.

Brown rice contains almost all the essential fatty acids available and has a distinctly delicious taste and aroma.


Also, parboiled brown rice is now available on the market. It is precooked with steam before being stripped of its bark. 

Parboiling transfers some of the nutrients in the rind and bran to the interior of the grain and reduces the cooking time by 45 to 20 minutes.

When brown rice is subjected to complete refining, it is turned into white rice.

White rice

We really do not have so much to say about white rice than to mention that more than 95% of the rice we buy in the market today is white rice.

White rice is processed rice that has been polished to remove its bran and germ. This significantly reduces its fiber, mineral, and B vitamin content and cooking time.

It is worth mentioning that reason why brown rice is being refined into white rice is to extend the shelf life of rice, change rice taste and enhance its cooking properties.

White is an empty carb and you stop eating white rice immediately.

5 Reasons why you should stop eating white rice

1. After processing, eating white rice is like eating empty carbs

Though countries like the USA do add additional nutrients to their white rice to at least improve its nutrient qualities. The same can’t be said about foreign white rice imported into Nigeria. Stop eating white rice.

2. Research has proved that White rice significantly increases the risk of having type 2 diabetes.

This is because the sugar in white rice quickly breaks down into the blood. This is not so with brown rice.

Particularly, diabetes patients should stop eating white rice completely and go for brown rice instead.

3. Extensive studies have shown that constantly eating white rice can raise the body’s metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is the name given to a group of risk factors that increases the body’s risk of having serious health conditions like stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. 

In another research, it was noticed that people who consume white rice have a 21% higher risk of metabolic syndrome. But the research specifically pointed out that such a condition is more common among Asian adults. 

4. Medically, it is better to eat brown rice if you are watching your weight or want to remove belly fat.

Unfortunately, the little advantage that white rice possesses can be found in enriched white rice. These especially enriched rice can’t be found in this part of the world. 

So apart from people who suffer from heartburn which white rice can digest faster, white rice should be avoided as much as possible. Especially for growing children.

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Reasons why you must start eating brown rice

The good news is that brown rice is readily available, packaged under hygienic conditions, and quite cheap. This as removed all excuses for not eating brown rice.

Also, well-prepared brown rice without dirt, smell, or stones is now available even at very cheap rates. 

Please, your body is sensitive to the food you eat. 

These are some health reasons why you should start eating brown rice immediately.

1. Heart health: Brown rice is a heart-healthy food as we already proved. 

An extensive review done showed that people who eat dietary fibers (of which brown rice is chief) have a 21-54% lower risk of developing heart diseases, respiratory infections, and even cancer.

Brown rice is rich in magnesium minerals. Magnesium plays a critical role in keeping the heart sound and healthy.

2. Perfect for diabetes control: Brown rice is the perfect grain for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. It is also better to eat brown rice as it keeps the risk of having diabetes very low. We have also discussed this at length.

3. Energy booster: The presence of vitamins in unpolished rice makes it a natural energy booster.

4. Antioxidant properties: Antioxidants serve as a major defender of the body. Any food that has antioxidant properties will protect the body from free radicals. 

Free radicals are major causes of serious diseases in the human body. Brown rice has bumper antioxidant properties that keep the body safe and healthy.

Conclusion: why you should stop eating white rice and start eating brown rice immediately

We are what we eat. 

Refined white rice is not good for your health. Its continuous consumption will eventually lead to ill-health of various degrees as seen in this article. You should stop eating white rice if you can.

Brown rice is a miracle food. This rice is packed with various nutrients and vitamins that will do your body and that of your household a lot of good.

Brown rice is available in the market. Most available brands are now being packaged under hygienic conditions.

Do not wait until you break down with a serious food-related disease before what you eat becomes a serious subject to you. Learn from the errors of others.

Have you eaten brown rice before? Can you rate the quality of the brown rice that you’ve eaten?

I love to hear from you in the comment box below


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